Aluminum Flooring Platforms Deliver Safety & Ease of Loading & Unloading Pallets For Commercial Vans: Are You Interested?

ALFO Mover floor is necessary for a professional working environment. Aside from protecting your investment, you will be able to provide a safe working environment for your employees, and make your vans more efficient.

How does van flooring make a difference?

In most cases, shelving, workbenches, ladders, and conduit carriers are considered to be the primary objectives of van upfitting, but it is important not to overlook the flooring for a van.


However, factory-direct vehicles come with bare-metal flooring as standard. This means that racks and trolleys cannot be fixed to them. Therefore, when you hit a pothole while driving, you can easily imagine what might happen in the back – an overturned trolley, dislodged material, and whatever else you can anticipate. It could lead to losses of money as well as time. An additional flooring platform can save fleet operators and van owners like you from facing these losses.

Flooring platforms can:

  • Ensure secure and smooth delivery of products
  • Provide a safe place of work and mobility
  • Protect investment

Our ALFO “Mover” flooring platform systems can give them a sturdy surface with our easy-to-install transfer rollers. Designed to outlast your vehicle, these rollers come in two different standard lengths – 128″ and 157″. They are compatible with Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, GM Vans, and Ram Promaster.

Safest in leading-edge transportation solutions

ALFO Mover flooring systems provide an easy and convenient method for moving or arranging pallets. This results in decreased physical exertion and increased manpower efficiency.

  • Each transfer roller can handle 400 lbs, each pallet 7200 lbs / 3272 kgs
  • Using high strength engineered plastic, this roller is lightweight and strong
  • Longevity is enhanced by integrated ball bearings
  • Completely serviceable
  • Quiet protection
  • Unidirectional movement of cargo


ALFO Mover Aluminum flooring systems are ideal for heavy loads, with pallets.

ALFO’s mover aluminum platform installation method is unique in that it is not glued to the vehicle floor and these movers work with all standard pallets.

Why choose ALFO Mover?

  • Installation is easy
  • No gluing or fabrication required
  • A lightweight aluminum construction
  • Compatible with all standard pallets

Worth noting:

Perfect for delivery vans and work vans, ALFO Mover flooring systems have transfer rollers that allow moving pallets unidirectional. With our aluminum flooring solutions, you can add safety and efficiency to many of the most popular work vans. Among those are Mercedes Sprinter, Ram Promaster, Ford Transit, and GM Vans. So, you can be sure that the delivery and work van flooring systems we offer are top-notch and the right ones for your vehicles.

We invite you to learn more about our delivery and work van aluminum flooring systems or to discuss your specific requirements with Pareto Aluminum Systems LLC. We look forward to making your work vehicle more productive and efficient. Call us at 417-343-4175/248-864-8185 or send us an email.

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