40% Lighter & Stronger, Built with superior Aluminum alloys, and anodized for the best interior finish, and works on freedman Single seats only,
10.5 lbs.
Quick Release Gen 1 works with the Freedman single seats only. It is a powder-coated seat base built with high-strength steel.
17.5 lbs.
Hight strength yellow zinc track nut that can slide inside the ALFO L Tracks panels. Manual foot can take enormous load, it is tested to attach single, double and triple ford and freedman seat. Use M10 Grade-8 bolts only. Comes 4 in a set.
DescriptionPart #Buy Now
Single pieceX1-10-11A$7.75
Kit of 4 piecesX1-10-90A$38.00
High-strength, powder-coated seat legs that can attach the Ford single seat to the ALFO floor.
24 lbs.
High-strength, powder-coated seat legs that can attach the Ford double seat to the ALFO floor.
24 lbs.
High-strength, powder-coated seat legs that can attach the Ford triple seat to the ALFO floor.
36 lbs.
The F70 bracket serves the purpose to attach the OEM seat to the D-pillar, this seat will mount on the rear side of the wheel well. This bracket is used in conjunction with F40 and F50 legs.
F40, F50 & F70
14.8 lbs.
Over the Wheel Seat Brackets are steel brackets that allow you to place a seat over the wheel well on the front side with a Pareto F30 or F40 leg.
F40, F50 & F60
15.8 lbs.
Works on Freedman Foldaway seats. A lightweight high-strength aluminum plate that allows a Foldaway seat to be attached directly to the tracks.
4.19 lbs.
High strength slider base that attaches with Freedman seat legs that allows the seat to slide along the L-track. Works only for single seats.
6.1 lbs.
Umbrella Bracket
Premium-designed solution meticulously crafted for easy installation of Freedman seats over the wheel well. It utilizes the space efficiently with this specially designed-umbrella bracket. Allowing you to optimize space utilization efficiently.
10 lbs.
High strength slider base that attaches with Ford OEM single seat leg that allows the seat to slide along the L-track. Works only for single seats.
6.5 lbs.
Ford Double Seat Slider Base
Lightweight & high-strength double seat slider base that attaches with Ford OEM double seat leg that allows the seat to slide along the L-track. Works only for Ford double seats.
8.7 lbs.
Graphite color rubber that is pre-cut, non-skid, and peel-&-stick covering for panels, a set includes 11 strips.
Vehicle TypePart #LengthBuy Now
Ford Transit WB148X1-15-30A129 in$338.00
Ford Transit WB148 ELX1-15-40A158 in$407.00
Promaster WB159X1-15-50A158 in$396.00
Promaster WB159 EXTX1-15-60A158 in$443.00
Black color plastic covering for L-track to secure it from collecting dust, dirt, debris, or any fluid. Kit include 11 L-track covers
8.5 lbs.
ALFO scuff plate with anti-skid feature for rear door entry
4.5 lbs.
Kit Part: X1-85-001A & X1-85-002A
The Cot mount adaptor kit allows you to install the Stryker/Ferno Antler system to the ALFO floor in just a few mins. These high-quality precision machined Aluminum parts give you the flexibility to not only move the Antler system anywhere on the ALFO floor but also to move the system from one Vehicle to another Vehicle.


A set hanger that attaches to ALFO panels to help in aligning them and to lift them while installation. Each installation requires two hangers. It comes with a hanger and its hardware like manual foot and bolts
The plastic bezel kit address installation issues in mobility vans using Ford interiors, there is no need to do an extra cutting rework of Gerfloor to bridge all the gaps, and corners in the floor layout and it provides a consistent, smooth, and high-scale overall appearance to complete floor system.
Template set for gerflor at the wheel well and C- pillar location of the van to get a cut for gerflor
End plugs cover floor extrusion gaps and sharp edges on both front and rear ends and provide a premium appearance to complete the floor system. These are made of high-grade plastic, visually attractive grained surfaces,s and simple snap-in designs for easy assembly and serviceability.
Kit Part: B1-12-100A
The locators ensure that the location of the ALFO floor is exactly the same from one vehicle to another. It facilitates consistent build, improves quality, and prevents mistakes during assembly. Each locator has a precise CNC-milled aluminum base that plugs into the Ford Floor. Assembler can set the location of the L brackets with oblong slots on the first vehicle, and then use the locator blocks on the subsequent vehicle to ensure that the floor is the exactly same as in the previous vehicles.